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Passerine Food

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Includes: 3.000 Gram / 1 Gram = 0,00
content:       3000 Gram
Ready for delivery in:  1-2 Working-days
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Art.Nr.: 485
manufacturer: Claus

Shipping Weight:   ca. 3 kg


All season Premium Mix for Sparrows and all Species of Passerines, supports the survival of passerines

Healthy and delicious: The species-appropriate special mix has been developed as an all seasons feeding for passerines (suitable for domestic and wild passerines). The Passerine Food contains wholesome seeds, high-quality broken-down cereals flakes, nuts, berries and protein-rich insects (important for adults for breeding season and for passerine offspring).

Our food also contributes to the conservation of the species and helps the survival of passerines, which have declined by approx. 20-50% in some parts of Germany in the recent years.

Content: 3000 Gram

Montag, Juni 17, 2019

Dieses Futter wird von Spatzen, Meisen, Staren, Amseln, Heckenbraunelle und sogar von den Buntspechten gemocht. Da bleibt nichts übrig. Tolles Futter
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